Help is at Hand

There are people who want to help you to overcome your fear. There are dentists who will give you time to explain your problems; the time you need for treatment to be carried out at your own pace; the time that you need to regain confidence. Richard Noar of Gentle Dental Nelson is a dentist like this.

If you are nervous we will:

  • First of all, meet you just for a chat. You don't even have to sit in the dental chair!
  • Learn exactly what your worries are.
  • Put ourselves in your hands. You are in control at all times and we work at your pace.
  • Keep you in control. Even if you want us to stop during treatment - just let us know. If we are in the middle of doing something, put your hand up and we will stop IMMEDIATELY.

To make an appointment (either for a consultation or just an informal chat) call 03 548 4601.

We understand that most fears are the result of a bad experience, often something that happened when visiting the dentist in childhood.

You are not alone and we can help you deal with any anxiety you may have. We want to take away the stress for you.

Fear of needles

We use the Wand, which is a revolutionary system that can give pain free injections, and we are one of a few practices in New Zealand trained to use it.

Before an injection, we use a surface anaesthetic gel. This numbs the area first.

We try very hard to ensure that there is no need for you to see the needle, let alone feel it.

Fear of gagging

A fear of gagging is very common and sometimes people are embarrassed about it (please don’t feel silly). 

Many people share this worry.

We understand your problem and have various techniques that can help. For example, we use special rinses and distraction techniques to stop the gag reflex before it even starts. We may also alter the position of the chair or use a rubber dam that stops liquid going into your mouth.

Fear of not being
in control

You are in control at all times. You don’t even have to sit in the chair on the first visit. We will explain all treatment to you stage by stage and ensure that you understand.

If at anytime during treatment you want a break, just raise your hand and we will stop immediately. If you feel claustrophobic we will stop and you can sit or stand up.

If at any point you just want us to stop for no particular reason, that's OK as well!

Fear of being judged

If you have not been to the dentist for a long time, don’t feel embarrassed; we have seen this many, many times.

We will not be shocked - we have helped many people who have not seen a dentist for years. We don't want you to feel guilty or bad that you haven’t been and we will never be disapproving or judgemental!

I can't sing the praises of the people at Gentle Dental enough. I have had so much fear of dentists and I honestly didn't feel a thing today! I am so thankful for their kind, calming knowledge and support. I would highly recommend this dentist for anyone who has anxiety and is avoiding dentists!

  • Maddie

Wow! What a great team! Being a nervous patient, and not having been to a dentist for around 15 years because of those nerves, I was put at ease by Richard straight away. He went through everything step by step and didn't rush into anything I wasn't ready for. He certainly made me feel like I was in control and I cant speak highly enough of him and his team. My only regret...not going sooner! 

  • Liz

4.6 star rating on Google reviews from happy clients all over the Nelson area