Crowns, Veneers and Onlays

Crowns cover and protect your teeth if they are weak and need strengthening, they also improve the appearance of teeth.

A crown is an artificial restoration that fits snugly over the whole tooth once it has been prepared. Each crown is custom made for a tooth.

Crowns are made from either gold or tooth coloured material and the dentist will discuss the pros and cons with you. A crown will be made in a lab to match the colour and shape of your surrounding teeth. Each crown is custom made for each client and designed to look great and fit perfectly.

Onlays are great alternatives to conventional crowns. They are used when teeth are broken down or the filling is getting too large. Onlays can improve the appearance and strength of a tooth.

Like a crown the process normally involves two visits, the first to prepare the tooth and the second to fit the custom made onlay.