What is a Dental Emergency?

  • 13 June 2013
  • Gentle Dental

When you have a dental emergency you want to be seen quickly.  There is nothing worse than being in pain with a tooth and not being able to be seen.  This is why we keep emergency slots available every day for people who are in pain.  These appointments can only be booked on the day and are on a first come/first served basis.

But what constitutes an emergency?  There are three categories that we consider.


It is classed as a dental emergency if the pain you are experiencing

●      Is keeping you awake at night

●      Requires constant pain killers that are only just keeping it at bay

●      Is sensitive to hot or cold

●      Is traveling up into the eye or head or down into the jaw or neck

●      Accompanied by swelling

Broken teeth

A broken tooth is an emergency if

●      It is sharp

●      It is cutting into the gum, cheek or tongue

●      Loose

●      Causing pain

●      there is swelling around it

●      It is sensitive to hot or cold


There are different reasons why there may be a swelling in the mouth.  However it is an emergency if

●      The swelling is stopping you from being able to close your mouth.

●      If you can see it in your face when you look in the mirror

●      If it is traveling either up into the head or down into the jaw

●      If it is causing pain or making you feel nauseous

●      If there is anything leaking from the site.

If you have any of these symptoms call Gentle Dental on 035484601 to make a same day emergency appointment.

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